Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Most Important Date on Any Calendar Is the Day You Discover Your Own Power!

The Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012, a date that some view with fear - much like what occurred just before the end of the millennium - while others look forward to it with jubilation.  Predictions of what this event could mean to humanity range from the usual cataclysmic end-of-time to it heralding a major energy shift that will usher in a golden age of love and peace on Earth.  My faith, philosophy and way of life have led me to believe the best and leave the rest.

I also recall clearly that despite all the fear and media hyperbole, nothing of major note actually happened when our Gregorian calendar switched over on January 1, 2000.  I choose to believe that the current dire prophecies are similarly unwarranted.

However, most of us do recognize that if we want to help change the direction in which our world is headed and to create better lives for every human being on Earth, it is time to make some serious changes.  We can see just by looking around us, that we already know how to create what we don't want in the world and in our lives.  Now is the perfect time to learn how to create what we do desire

We need to decide where we are right now, what we want in our future and whether or not we are willing to make the necessary changes in order to be successful.

Part of the self-discovery phase is to identify and be certain that our desires resonate with the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.  When we have done this, it is similar to a board of directors that has voted unanimously to follow a course of action.  This single-minded focus is not only powerful; it is a prerequisite to achieving our heart desires.

We must also understand how the universe works.  We place our "order," and what we receive back is determined by our innermost-subconscious thoughts and feelings we hold around whatever specific issues we are concerned about.  If our under-the-radar thoughts and beliefs are negative, we receive negative results.

No matter how much willpower we exert trying to force the results we desire into becoming a reality, we eventually tire and give up because of deep-seated thoughts and beliefs.  Without this awareness, we will find ourselves constantly sabotaging our efforts.  No matter what we are seeking, whether it is health, wealth, loving relationships, or peace and the end of world hunger, the result will be the same: failure.

The reality is that unless we love ourselves just where we are right now, we will not be successful.  We must learn to change negative thoughts about our lives and world conditions and replace them with positive thoughts and feelings.  Otherwise, the universe will continue to use information that reflects what we really think and feel at a subconscious level and will keep sending us the same old results. 

It is tempting to think that if we come to peace with our lives as they are, instead of what we desire, we will become complacent and get stuck there.  This isn't true.  There is a divine energy striving to express itself through us, and it is continually spurring us on to be more and fulfill our human potential.

No matter the life circumstances we have chosen to learn lessons, by resolving to make positive changes in order to achieve our desired life, we will know what to do.  We will be led to learn the lessons, resolve the challenges we face and come to a peaceful resolution within.  Then we will finally be able to stop beating ourselves up over the situation and move forward to create the lives and future we desire.

Once we take control and begin to transform our lives, we see that our actions positively affect others as well as what happens in our future, and collectively in the world.  Then we know that the power doesn't lie in some external non-event like the ending of the Mayan calendar -- it lies within us.
Copyright 2012 by Fern Stewart Welch

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