Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Today Is International Peace Day and We Can Do Our Part

"Many of the world's greatest minds, masters and teachers throughout the ages claim that we will never have world peace until we come to inner peace within ourselves," 

 It's time we take note.

In 1981 the United Nation's General Assembly (UNGA) established by resolution 36/37 that September 21 is the day we devote to strengthening the idyllic vision  of peace, both within and between all nations and humanity.

Furthering that mission, in 2001 the UNGA voted unanimously to adopt resolution 55/282 and establishing an annual day of nonviolence and cease-fire.

I'm sure that many Americans and individuals around the world  felt as I did  then... gobsmacked and  helpless

About a decade ago, I asked a small group of successful, spiritually based business women to meet and to co-create a World Peace Prayer for use in our different areas of  influence. In my case, I had my computer master to insert it on my web page and have written many essays on this subject, for posting on this blog site.

I've included the World Peace Prayer at the end of this blog for I know it might give you a way to be part of the solution. Or you can come up with your own and light a candle and sit with your loved ones and start your own approach.

I also started a Living Love Prayer Circle where I meditate, pray for friends, family and beloveds who request it.  Once I feel close to God I repeat the Living Love Prayer and end with the World Peace Prayer.

I believe in miracles and know at the core of my being this approach is blessed and, is a way to help  change our world forever.

Love Light Blessings.


I align my energy with the Living Love Prayer Circle, and now live as the real me I was born to be.

I am healthy, whole, joyful, successful, peaceful and wise.

I know that loving me is the key to truly loving others.

I know by loving and accepting myself and others - and by resolving conflicts and living in peace within myself - the powerful and positive energy that results radiates out into the world and neutralizes the negativity that is detrimental to the Earth and all life forms.

I am grateful for the incredible Gift of Life and for the opportunity to be part of a Living Love Prayer Circle, which elevates the consciousness of humanity, heals the Earth and furthers the cause of World Peace.  AMEN


I align my intention with the Living Love Prayer Circle.

I envision the energy from this Sacred Circle rising up to embrace Mother Earth and all  its inhabitants

The Earth is healed and its consciousness protected.

The evolution of all souls is harmoniously advanced, and
Peace, Love and Cooperation now manifest on Earth.  AMEN