Thursday, December 26, 2013

It’s a New Dawn, a New Day, a New Year … Why Not a New Life?

“We may be products of our past, but we don’t have to be chained to it.  Joyously release the past, all false beliefs in lack and limitation, along with all conditions and situations that may have been attracted to us due to those false beliefs.”    ~Anonymous

I spent the past three-plus decades seeking to understand the way consciousness – life – works and why some people are successful in achieving their heart’s desire and others are not.

Like millions of others searching for such understanding I read all the books, listened to numerous speakers and had the information spelled out for me many times through the years by philosophers, visionaries and others.  The concepts embraced by these individuals allowed them to achieve amazing goals and realize equally amazing lives.

But until a dramatic personal experience happened in my life, I didn’t realize what a profound difference there is between being aware of something and having the discipline (and courage) to put it to the test—to act on it and to actually live it.

At the time, I was facing the lengthy decline and deaths of my husband, my mother and my younger brother.  I knew there had to be a better, more enlightened, loving and life-affirming way to help my loved ones through their final life journeys. I didn’t know how to accomplish this, but, somehow I just knew it was possible.

After a number of years of trying, I finally realized that I wasn’t able to discover this amazing pathway simply by force of will.  By expending so much energy, I ended up stressed and physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.  Finally, in desperation I turned within seeking the guidance, love and support of the eternal and sublime spirit – God – that is within us.  Surely my answers would be found there.

My resolve was never to give up or give in, and to have this personal spiritual connection that would enable me to help my loved ones, or know the reason why not.

It took a lot of time, self-discipline and courage, but eventually I did accomplish my heart’s desire.  And I received the support, love and guidance that transformed the experience of accompanying my beloveds on their final life journeys from sadness to a reaffirmation of life.

I wrote about my personal relationship with God and the self-transformation that followed in the book:  “The Heart Knows the Way – How to Follow Your Heart to a Conscious Connection with the Divine Spirit Within.”

That was my first fully conscious experience with trusting my inner wisdom and actually putting what I believed to work in my life with the unwavering intention to continue until I was successful.

Now I know for a real-world fact that aligning with these essential truths can determine our health, wealth, success and happiness, as well as our tomorrows.  The initial step is to dig deep within and decide how you want your future to unfold, and what your true heart and soul desires really are.  Hold fast to this wisdom, as it’s the key to open the door to your heart desires.

Many people that I have talked with through the years have expressed a similar desire to do something to make a difference in the world.  It wasn’t until this past decade that I connected with the truth that it is vital to have a personal relationship with God.  The fact that I and so many others had failed to take this step is the major cause, I believe, of the depression, sadness and feelings of going it alone that define the lives of so many individuals.

I now think of the inner urge from the core of our being as a message from our souls urging us toward our inner heart desires: that which we were born to accomplish or move toward in this lifetime.  This is why we are here.

True happiness – our life purpose – is there just waiting for us to give it a chance.  When we resonate at a soul level with how we are expressing the gift of life, we will know we are connected with our life purpose, our reason for being.

Scientists have already proven that all life is energy; you, me the Earth and everything in the Universe, all energy.  Cars and other solid objects are simply vibrating at a lower level, and in a more condensed form.

When someone is not experiencing an abundant and fulfilled life in all aspects, it means that the vibrations in the person’s energy field are out of harmony and therefore out of balance.
If you think of vibrations in the form of a symphony orchestra, when each individual instrument is vibrating at a correct frequency, the result is harmonious, beautiful music.

To put it another way, when you choose to become a fully conscious and aware human being, then the energy at the core of your being that has been striving to be expressed has the opportunity to work in your life.  At that point your consciousness will guide you to make choices that are for your highest and best good, and in alignment with your soul and life purpose.

You will need to develop a consciousness of trusting in this innate goodness and be able to allow whatever your heart desires to manifest in your life.  You will also need to move from a consciousness of wanting, which always places your desire(s) in the future to a concept of having, as a present reality.  This makes a huge difference!

Once you trust and have faith in the goodness of the universe, you will be able to let go and release your desires to the powerful action of the eternal energy that permeates, activates and sustains all life.  Then you can do what you are led to do on the physical plane and release the how-and-when this manifests in your life to the Infinite Intelligence of the universal good.

Staying centered in trust, having faith in the process, and keeping an attitude of gratitude is necessary in order to open the door to your true heart and soul desires.

It is a New Year and a fortuitous time in the evolution of mankind.  As we choose a new, positive way of living, we help elevate the consciousness of humanity, create better lives and a kinder world that works for everyone.

When we change our thoughts our lives change.  This wisdom holds the energy and inspiration of the many souls throughout history, who courageously followed these truths to change their lives, fulfill their purposes and leave footsteps for others to follow.  This is my heartfelt desire for each and every one of us.

Each day I joyously claim releasing the past – and all false beliefs in lack and limitation – along with all conditions and situations that may have been attracted to me due to those false beliefs.

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