Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Doctor is Always In ... When We Help Heal Ourselves

  Healing comes from within. There is nothing mysterious or subtle about this process.  The subconscious mind simply directs the healing alpha brain waves to the  diseased cells.  I’ve seen it happen thousands of times.  All it takes is faith, fortitude and an open mind. 
         ~Gladys T. McGarey, M.D., M.D.(H), author of “The Physician Within You.”

“Physician, heal thyself." Through the years, I've heard that a lot from my former personal physician and now life-coach, Dr. McGarey – the godmother of holistic medicine in America – who at age 93 lives an active life and is prescription free.  But most recently I’ve heard it from my inner guidance.  A while ago, it was in response to asking what I needed to learn concerning a family relationship. At the time, I understood that admonition to mean that I had more inner work to do to continue healing and releasing false beliefs and life patterns that created my resistance to healthy relationships in the first place.

But a series of recently experienced medical-dental problems caused me to take that message literally.  When I asked my inner guidance for help, I got the now familiar answer, “Physician, heal thyself.” After I checked in with Dr. Gladys, she added that it was certainly possible that the dental challenge was also the cause of a number of the maladies I had been experiencing.

It took me a week to settle down and let go of blaming myself for ever eating sugar or ever thinking I was too tired to floss.  When I finally finished venting, I remembered that everything happens to us for a reason, and I knew it was time to start accepting what is and to turn my thoughts to what I could do about the condition. 

That’s when it began to dawn on me that this challenge was the beginning of a major lesson.   Part of my spiritual philosophy includes the belief that we can heal ourselves by aligning with the God-power within us and putting our faith where our mouth is – so to speak. 

I was so grateful that the first thoughts that popped into my mind were positive.  I recalled the accounts in Dr. Gladys’ book and in conversations with her patients that included wonderful healing stories and they happened to ordinary human beings, just like me.  These were followed by realizing that I wasn’t going to commit to any specific medical-dental treatment until I investigated all the options, which meant I was taking responsibility for the decision-making process before me. I was being "the physician."

When I asked my guidance for more details, I was reminded that I have been working for a long time on owning the belief that in aligning myself with the God-energy within me, my word is in alignment with the natural Law of Mind.  This means thoughts are things and what we focus on (positive or negative) – tend to manifest in our lives.  This is true, but I never truly thought I would be put to the test and asked to live it – again and again. My full belief is that the more I grow from trust to complete faith in this energy/power that is in everyone and everything, the more I am capable of healing my current health problems, and helping others learn to do the same.

At that point I remembered what someone told me years ago about the difference between hope, trust and faith.  He used this visualization to cement the difference in my mind:  I was to close my eyes and imagine myself watching a daring and dangerous high-wire act, in which a man is going to push a wheelbarrow across the wire to the other side of the huge tent … without a net.  I hoped and trusted that the man would be successful; after all he was a professional.  Then my friend leaned in close and said, “Faith is getting in the wheelbarrow.”  I felt the difference viscerally.

According to my inner guidance, I am ready to move from trust to faith, and I knew from experience that I would be guided and supported every step of the way.   Further recommendations were to:  1) Set my intention to help heal myself, and to claim that daily as often as possible, 2) follow my doctors’ recommendations about taking proactive steps to begin healing any inflammation or infection, and 3) to continue my healthy nutritional routine, and exercise program, which will assist the healing on a cellular level.

But in fairness, I must share the flip side of my proactive outlook.  Negative thoughts did come up, but they were not as long-lasting or as strong as those in the past.  Evidently my many years of inner work have helped me heal some of the energy within me that fostered feelings of being unworthy, undeserving and unlovable. 

My first negative thoughts were: Do I deserve this healing?  Do I fully believe and trust in my faith in a higher power?  Am I spiritually aware enough to seek such a big request from God? Should I have started with a lesser need?  Or should I have chosen first to seek a healing for someone else?

These negative thoughts were easily quelled by repeating some positive affirmations (directed prayers), and I was able to center myself rather quickly.  I also remembered that several months ago I had also asked for guidance to help me continue experiencing life on Earth so that I could fulfill my life purposes, potential and true heart and soul desires.  I was told that I would have to improve my diet and focus on foods that offered maximum nutrition, and to continue actively moving my body to maintain optimal health.  I was also to keep on with the inner work, and my daily spiritual practice, which includes seeking a closer connection with the Oneness-God.

I was fascinated when told by my inner guidance that there’s nothing to be healed – “… only the Truth to be revealed,” I think I understand what that means.  We are already perfect in Spirit, and when we can focus on elevating our thoughts to meet and rise above the energy level that produced the condition in the first place; that’s when the healing can happen.

At that point, we will naturally be moved to express heart-felt gratitude and to give thanks for the healing and for our faith, fortitude and open mind. 

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of my own healing.  Dr. Gladys taught me years ago that there is no healing without love.  Since I chose the path of love at age 10, I have become quite facile with loving and giving to others.  I’m thinking my lesson in this life adventure is to love myself – to fill any emptiness within me which strengthens my faith in me – thus enhancing  my desire to have life and to have it more abundantly.

As I align with the physician within, partner with my doctors, love myself, and support my body’s natural impulse to heal … I accept, allow and claim health, wholeness and joy. 

FYI: If you would like to connect with, “The Physician Within You,” go to Amazon.com and scoop up Dr. Gladys’ classic how-to book.   Here are just the brief titles of her 10 Commandments of Wholeness:  1) Be positive.  Give yourself something to live for; 2) Love yourself without being indulgent; 3) Be forgiving; 4) Keep your life balanced; 5) Take time to meditate and pray; 6) Listen to the messages from your body; 7) Look for humor and joy in every situation; 8) Breathe deeply; 9) Dream yourself to health, and 10) Know that healing comes from within.
Copyright© 2014 by Fern Stewart Welch 
The author’s books: “Becoming a Spiritual Warrior of the Heart, (April 2013); “Tea with Elisabeth,” recipient of the 2010 Silver Award for Non-fiction;  “You Can Live A Balanced Life In An Unbalanced World,” (Nov. 2008); and “The Heart Knows the Way – How to Follow Your Heart to a Conscious Connection with the Divine Spirit Within,” (Feb. 2008), are available at Amazon.com, other online booksellers, as well as bookstore chains such as Barnes & Noble.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wah! Wah! Wah! Nobody Likes a Whiner … and It Doesn't Work Anyway

A positive outlook and an attitude of gratitude unlock the fullness of life.

When I read the Caller ID, I had mixed feelings about answering the phone. I was writing and wanted to stay focused and in the zone.  Also, the caller was an old friend who contacted me only occasionally, and usually to ask for support during a life challenge.  But my heart softened and I picked up the phone, preparing myself to hear a litany of complaints about life in general – government  bureaucracy, the economy, world affairs, even the latest celebrity scandal – which in my view was the whiney part of his conversation that always came before his real reason for calling.  

Instead, he said, “Just checking in to see how you are,” and then went silent.  So what did I do?  I picked up the baton and did the Amalgamated Union of Complainers and Whiners – if there is one – proud. He was playing my role and I was playing his!

What was going on?  He was “the whiner,” not me.  Later, I realized that though I had never thought of myself as a complainer, perhaps I’d fallen into the habit without realizing it.  I'd certainly leapt at this opportunity.  But for as long as I could remember, thinking positively had been my motto and seeking information on how to live a better, more positive life was my goal.

I was already a voracious reader by the age of 10. Way back then, I spent most of my free days at the local library, and around that time I chose Norman Vincent Peale’s book “The Power of Positive Thinking” as my life pattern. I’m thinking that many of my generation did the same. 

What I was trying to figure out is why after all those years of believing in and seeking to live this preferred approach to life, I had succumbed to the now seemingly pandemic and socially acceptable culture of complaining – about everything.  Knowing the truisms that thoughts become things … and as we think, so we are, I considered this sudden jolt to my self-image as a message from my inner guidance that something needed fixing in my life, right now.  Simply stated, being a whiner or a complainer was not who I was or who I wanted to become.

I don’t get it.  Here we are one of the most fortunate countries in the world, and we’ve become a nation of complainers and whiners and criticizers.  I’ve dubbed this moaning, groaning, whimpering disease MRSA of the Mind, as so far there’s no magic bullet to heal that terribly infectious disease or humanity’s obsession with complaining.

When I went within and asked my inner guidance for the lesson I was to learn in this situation, the message/insight I received was: ‘Physician heal thyself.”  This admonition refers to our inner-healer self, which knows what we need emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually in order to live a balanced, healthy life.  In this instance the message had to do with some strong and unresolved energy that I held around two almost-lifelong issues I had recently placed in the “vault.”  This was because I had done daily inner work on them for almost a year, and realized it was time to take a break.

Obviously they were coming back again demanding my attention.   As I thought about my situation later I began to understand at least one of the reasons that we’ve become a nation of whiners, complainers, and criticizers.  When our own lives aren’t working the way we desire, which is what I was experiencing, we become angry and upset.  If we’re not aware that we’re really seeking an outlet to release our own suppressed stuff, it’s easy to jump on board the national pastime and vent some of our own pent-up-anger-energy.

 Actually, when I learned That There Was Still MORE Work To Do on Those Two Almost-Lifelong Issues, the energy I held around them was being expressed as disappointment and anger.  At that point, I slipped into spending precious moments of time on inane and stupid things—like criticizing the unlucky celebrity chosen to receive the brunt of America’s scorn, until being replaced the next week by another scapegoat.  It’s taken me many years to feel good enough about myself to allow others to see the Real Me, and I refuse to indulge in picking on others to make myself feel better. 

I recognized immediately that joining the masses to censure someone else’s behavior or lifestyle was a mind trick we choose to release our own pent-up anger and disappointments in life … and in the process, ignore our real life issues.  Choosing the witchy-bitchy-complaining and criticizing approach to life is taking the easy way out.  Instead, we can choose to turn within and clean up our own act, which isn’t always quick or easy—but it is the key to creating a better life.

Incidentally, I had no idea I was such a natural at complaining. That I could really get into it, enthusiastically.  My friend mumbled something about an incoming call and got off the phone as quickly as he could.

As I settled into working on those old issues once again, I acknowledged that when I have taken the time to go within and heal and release energies that no longer serve my highest and best good, then I can come from a more balanced state in all aspects of life.  This means I can differentiate between what is worth complaining and doing something about in my life, and also in the world – and what helps no one and isn’t worthy of my time or energy.

According to research scientists and millions of individuals, it’s a proven fact that a feeling of gratitude and positive thinking are keys to health, well-being, prosperity, a successful life and enhanced longevity. 

When we spend our lives complaining, it becomes a habit, and there’s no way we can come from a positive outlook or an attitude of gratitude.  This also means we have little control over our lives, because the thoughts we focus on determine what comes into our lives. I believe that when we’re grateful first for every good we’ve ever received,  including the gift of life – and we focus positive thoughts on receiving more good – only then will the universe deliver what we truly desire, which is more health, wealth, joy and happiness into our lives.

I claim that I embody and live each day - to the best of my ability – this affirmative prayer:

Thank you for everything, God.  I have no complaints whatsoever!

FYI: If you’re stuck in the mode of complaining because the world isn’t meeting your dreams and desires, and you want to break free and change your life.  Here are five easy and simple steps to help you attain and maintain an attitude of gratitude, which is the basis of a positive outlook: 

#1 Keep a daily Gratitude Journal, yes, just like Oprah does.  It will change your life.

#2 Look for opportunities to be grateful in your life, no matter what happens. There are no mistakes, everything happens for a reason.  We’re here to learn lessons and the bigger the challenge the greater the gift in it.  Even pain can open us to a new level of understanding.  Bless everything and everyone.

#3 Share your Gratitude with family and friends, and encourage others to do the same.

#4 Take a Gratitude Walk, and be fully present. Really look at the sky, the clouds, and the trees and hear the twittering of the birds.  Be grateful for everything you feel, hear and see, and embrace it with heart-felt intensity, and then bless Mother Earth for providing such a beautiful home for us.

#5 Sit quietly before you go to bed at night, go within and count your blessing for the day; really dig deep and FEEL the heart-lifting, soul-soothing, celebratory effect this has on you.  You will sleep better also.

Copyright © 2014 by Fern Stewart Welch

The author’s books: “Becoming a Spiritual Warrior of the Heart, (April 2013); “Tea with Elisabeth,” recipient of the 2010 Silver Award for Non-fiction;  “You Can Live A Balanced Life In An Unbalanced World,” (Nov. 2008); and “The Heart Knows the Way – How to Follow Your Heart to a Conscious Connection with the Divine Spirit Within,” (Feb. 2008), are available at Amazon.com, other online booksellers, as well as bookstore chains such as Barnes & Noble.