Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Love Can Build a Bridge and Unite Us ... Violence Breeds Only More Violence

Like millions of others, I was greatly moved by the tragic movie shooting in Aurora, Colorado, and shocked once again, by the extent of bloodshed and heartbreak that one person bent on violence can cause.

After watching a half-dozen or more televised news accounts, which had started to focus on the survivors, their families and the loved ones of those who were murdered, I felt the creative energy rise up within me.

I was somewhat surprised when what came up for me to share with you turned out to be not specific to Aurora, but a disturbing conversation I overheard a few weeks ago.  Two seemingly caring and otherwise rational human beings didn't like "where our country is or is headed," and believe a revolution is the only answer to changing that course.  They didn't talk about the amount of bloodshed and heartbreak that many people choosing violence would cause.  Nor did they mention how such carnage could tear our nation apart and make us vulnerable to those who would seek to take advantage of a weakened America.

I pray that people who talk casually about civil war and violence are in a minority. I pray they realize there are more humane and effective ways to bring about change.

As I continued thinking of these individuals, I wondered if they were watching the same news coverage as the rest of America.  I would be interested in how they reacted to the pain and anguish unleashed by just one person's choosing to ameliorate his inner turmoil by killing as many people as possible.  I wondered if they simply dismissed the perpetrator as "crazy," while still holding to the idea that violence on a much larger scale would be justified to remedy, according to their specifications, what they consider the problems in our country.  Now that--is crazy.

I was quickly heartened by two thoughts:  The fact that history confirms the fallacy of choosing violence as a tool for conflict resolution, and also in knowing that the consciousness of humanity is higher than ever before in history.  Many millions of individuals know that we are all one and also one with everything in the universe.  They realize that when we harm another, we do harm to ourselves.

As I marveled at the outpouring of love brought forth from across our nation in the wake of such a senseless tragedy, I was reminded of what many of us have known for a long time.  When we love and respect ourselves, we are then able to truly love and respect others and thus we would never choose to harm another human being.

It's also widely accepted today that it is done unto us as we believe, which means tht our collective consciousness has created the ills that now exist.  I realized that since that is true, it's up to us to collectively change our thoughts to change our lives and the world --one person at a time.

It won't be quick and it won't be easy, but our problems weren't created in a day either.  Yet, since regardless of our individual beliefs, we all love our country and honor the beacon of hope it represents in the world, we can commit ourselves to the above concept.  In this way we help each other, our nation and the world to a better future.

Love can build a bridge, from my heart to yours and to others, right here, right now.  We can set in motion the most powerful force in the universe, LOVE.  We can co-create better lives, right here, right now, and a peace-filled future that works for everyone.

We can activate this power the minute we set our intention to do so, and anchor it in our conscious and subconscious by daily repeating positive affirmations, such as:

. I expect good in my life and in America now.
. I expect government representatives who love our country and make decisions for the good of all.
. I expect peace in my life, in my family and in the world.
. I expect loving kindness to radiate from me to my family, others and the world.
. I expect that everything I need for joy and happiness is mine now.
. I expect and accept all the good the world has to offer me.
. I expect a world that works for me and for everyone.
. I expect that by coming to peace within me, this elevates humanity and hastens peace in the world.
. I am one with all life.
. I am Peace, Love, Wisdom, Health, Abundance and Joy.
Copyright 2012 by Fern Stewart Welch

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