Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Truth You Know Will Set You Free -- But Only When You Act Upon It

Confession time!  For the past five-and one-half years, I had been so enamored with gaining insights from the experiences on my spiritual journey, and sharing them with others through this blogsite, that I made an understandable mistake.  As soon as an insight bubbled up into my conscious awareness, I couldn't wait to plumb the depths of my being for clarity so that I could write about it in a way that others could understand and, if desired, learn from it.

What I realize now is that just because I took in new insights and could articulate them this didn't mean that I had fully made the information part of my life.  I wasn't always acting upon the new information and therefore there really wasn't a complete "knowing."

For example, I learned a lot about my bodily needs as far as nutrition, exercise and how to balance being and doing, work and play.  But did I act accordingly? Well, maybe 50-60 percent of the time, but my long-time habits and/or long-held inner beliefs (subconscious directives) kept me from fully committing to treating my body as the life-giving vehicle it actually is.

Then, my accident in 2011 that resulted in a broken foot -- and a lot of help from friends and relaties -- brought me face to face with the fact that I had been a life-long giver and was unaware of a need to balance giving and receiving in my life.  Now that I know better, am I doing better?  I can honestly say that I'm doing better than ever before, but that's not saying much as the before was not that impressive.

Similarly, when a painful case of shingles and post herpetic neuralgia (PHN) showed up in my life almost a year ago, I realized quickly that pain can hold very important messages for us. The first insight I gained and wrote about was that pain is a messenger that lets us know something is out of balance in our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual aspects.  We then have the opportunity to balance body, mind and Spirit, which manifests as health.

That turnd out to be the first time in my life that I didn't heal quickly and completely from any illness.  I have had to learn how to cope with residual pain, and go on with my life.  I was visibly disappointed at first, until a wise friend reminded me that in every life challenge there are a number of insights and blessings to be discovered.  This brought me back to center and knowing that we're here to learn how life on Earth is really meant to work and to grow in conscious awareness.

Fortunately I am committed to "growing" through life instead of just "going" through it.  So, I did what I always do, I sat quietly, went within and asked myself: What am I to learn from this experience?  I recalled almost immediately from my college psychology class that by the time we are six-years old we have accepted into our subconscious judgmental messages from others that become so entrenched they are like a tape recorder constantly playing back negative directives that have controlled our lives.  I have been working on this for some time.

And, I also recognized that there was a high possibility of something in my subconscious or conscious mind that continues to block my desire to heal and move beyond the still painful PHN condition.

I have known for a long time that it is necessary for us to identify and change the automatic directives that have been playing and re-playing every day of our lives and without our ever realizing it.  The first step, of course, is learning how to discover what is on our subconscious tape recorder.  But before I share a technique for that, here are some words of wisdom from bestselling author Eckhart Tolle that may aid you in your process, as they did me.

In the April issue of the Science of Mind magazine, he stated that when a serious disease or illness, event or situation pops up for us, it is meant to push us to pull up our resolve and seek to consciously evolve through it.  He also recognized that in the midst of such a situation it may be impossible to stop and embrace it as a positive happening.  How True!

His recommendation at that point is to ask ourselves this question: "If I understood that whatever experience I am having now is the most helpful for the evolution of my consciousness, how would I act?"  He added that by answering that question, it can bring us to a point of acceptance of "what is," which is a requirement for moving beyond a given situation.  This helped me tremendously.

Now here is a practical and simple technique you may use to discover what the directive is on the tape-recorder of your conscious or subconscious mind.  It has worked for me and many others, and I believe it will for you.

Write out your statement like this: I could have, be, do ________________, if I_________________________.  Fill in the desire you seek -- and then wait for the higher wisdom, infinite intelligence that is within each of us to provide your answer.  Sometimes it takes a number of tries before the true answer comes up.  I've learned that by repeating this method over and over, I finally resonate at a gut level with the Truth for me.

When we know what is blocking our good, then we can draft a laser-focused antidote to neutralize the negative message and feed in a new positive message to help achieve the desired result.  In this way, we are following the "knowing," by "acting upon it."

The response to my query: My body could heal the imbalance (PHN) right now, if I ___________, (resulted in this answer),
"fully believed that my conscious affirmations are stronger than any invalid and negative thoughts I hold in my conscious or subconscious mind."

I realize now the answer for me is to remain open to the lessons in this experience, to follow my inner guidance and to choose my conscious thoughts wisely and to monitor them closely.  They are more powerful than the invalid, subconscious thoughts we may hold -- and when  acted upon -- our desire or something better manifests in our lives.

While there is much I do not know, I trust in the process of life, and accept that whatever experience I am having is the most helpful for my conscious evolution.  Naturally I continue to act on what I know as the truth of me.  I repeat daily:  I deserve and experience God-Good-Health-Joy and Happiness now.  Any messages in my conscious or subconscious mind that opposes this are now erased.  Today I gratefully accept all the good life has to offer.
Copyright 2012 by Fern Stewart Welch

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