Monday, August 31, 2015

World Peace May Take Time to Achieve … But the Good News Is You Don’t Have to Wait for Anyone Else to Get Started

 Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, and building new structures.  ~John F. Kennedy

A few months ago, as I was writing in my journal, the idea came to me to start a “Living Love Circle” to further world peace.  As I thought about it, a wave of joyous energy swept through my body, inspiring me to quickly send an e-mail to a small group of friends asking them to join me in the adventure.  I told them I had no idea how to accomplish this lofty goal but that by joining together I knew we would be provided with everything we needed to move forward.

I received no acceptances from my friends – not one – and after I reflected on some of their comments it was obvious they mirrored the mind-set of millions of individuals around the world when it came to seeking peace.  Their no-thank-you rationale included such thoughts as: The current global problems of cultural, political and religious differences are too complex and too deeply imbedded; people are too angry-greedy-hate-filled-ignorant to care about their fellow human beings … and finally, there are too few people on Earth who can get along well with their families, let alone with everybody else.  I was brought up short.

I thought all this over for a few days and then I said “yes” to going solo with a Living Love Circle.  I was certain that after I dropped back and allowed the full gestation of the idea – that others would be drawn to the cause. Of course I realized that at 81-years of age it’s pretty obvious that world peace will not be achieved in my lifetime and certainly not by me alone.  Yet there’s a deep concern gnawing within me that unless we each do what we can – alone or not, here and now – world peace probably won’t be achieved at any time hereafter.

The truth in my friends’ reasons for declining reminded me of another Truth.  When we think we can do something, we can – and when we think we can’t, we’re right again.  And every trip, no matter how long, begins with that first step that gets you up and on your way.

After some more reflection, I realized that I’ve already been on this solo world peace path for some time, yet without the typical circle concept.  I’ve written a number of essays on the subject and most recently wrote one that I believe holds a major key to assisting world peace.  The process starts within by mastering conflict resolution in ourselves.  This translates to actually living peace and sharing the powerful energy with others to help counteract the existing mass of negative energy that hovers over the Earth like a dark cloud.

True it will take time and millions of peace-filled “soloists” to make it happen, yet living peace is something we can do within ourselves, and no one can do it for us except ourselves.

In the past I’ve been content with just writing about what came through me concerning world peace, but now I wanted to know more about the history surrounding humanity’s quest for world peace, which obviously has started and stopped countless times.  I also wanted to pay homage to the higher profile peacemakers of the past – as well as to honor the millions then and through the millennia who were unknown and still are today.  It seems many souls, like my friends, choose to go solo and use prayer and other under-the-radar actions.

I was delighted to discover an impressive website that listed many organizations seeking world peace and a multitude of peacemakers known to history starting with the prophet Moses (BCE), who united the tribes of Israel, wrote the Torah and the Ten Commandments.  Among the many names listed I recognized such peacemakers as Lao Tzu, a philosopher from the sixth century BCE, to Siddhartha-Buddha, (563-483 BCE), Jesus of Nazareth (6 BCE to 35 AD), and Muhammad (570-632 AD), who unified Arabia and wrote the Qur’an.  There were hundreds of other well-known names through ensuing centuries such as: St. Francis of Assisi, Joan of Arc, Immanuel Kant, Thomas Jefferson, Victor Hugo, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and on and on and on.

At that point, I was filled with gratitude for every soul who focused their lives on elevating the consciousness of humanity and knowing it or not, also furthering the cause of world peace on Earth.

I thought that greater minds than mine had probably already established guidelines as well as how-to guidebooks that delve deeply into the complexities of modern-day life (religious and political differences, as well as cultural beliefs) that cause such highly emotional dislike and distrust of others.  The biggest problem is, of course, that the Truth in these issues must be addressed and acted upon by those in power using common sense and diplomacy to identify areas of cooperation and unity.  The rest is up to us … all those “soloists” out there.

I googled “How to achieve world peace,” and up came a healthy list of possibilities.  I was drawn to a book by Crandall R. Kline, Jr., titled “Peace Within Our Grasp: Making the Dream a Reality.”

Robert Stewart, who wrote the Preamble for the book said that the author has done the world a great service by demonstrating in his “how-to manual” that world peace is achievable.  He added, “It is the best book on how to achieve world peace I’ve ever read.

After scanning the lengthy summary, I recalled from the author’s bio material that Kline had spent 40 years studying why we have wars.  His unique approach to achieving world peace was to quote the experts then identify and interpret what seem to be rational ideas.  I especially liked his recommendation that all people are required to be “activist intelligentsia” and by using high-tech communication keeping the government from straying from the path of peace.

In addition to writing essays about the importance of coming to peace within ourselves, I’ve also written about another major issue that when resolved would hasten the process of world peace.  And, it wasn’t covered in Kline’s treatise, or any other online source I clicked on.  That issue is: FEAR.

I positively believe that we can place all the current critical problems facing our country and the world into one big lump, and with only a little digging we will find the defining thread that ties them all together.  No matter the challenge – fear – is the underlying factor.

At the core of every challenge lies this basic threat.  We are fearful of anyone who is different in actions, beliefs, looks or speech.  We are afraid of events taking place in the world, and those that may take place.  We are afraid of life and death and everything in between.  We are afraid of who we are, so we spend our lives locked in a fa├žade so that we won’t be rejected by others who are doing the same thing.

Most of us live our lives totally unaware and fearful of the incredible life force that is within us and everything in the universe.  Instead we focus on the external, which is sated with the nonfulfilling and crazy-making reality of a fear-based society.

I’ve learned that until we can individually face our own fears and take the journey within to know ourselves, we will never have the understanding to accept others fully, no matter the differences.  Until we have control over ourselves we will continue individually – and as countries – seeking to control others so that we have enough of whatever it is we need to make us feel secure: love, money, power, prestige or possessions.

And until we reconnect with the eternal and sublime energy that is within us and everything in the universe, we will continue to feel the illusion of separation which keeps us locked in our fear.

This is the key, the answer, to all the problems in our lives, our country and the world.  Once we open to the unconditional love, peace, support and wisdom that every heart yearns for, we will Know we have discovered the greatest gift Life has to offer.  We will become the consciously aware spiritual human beings we were born to be.  We will no longer desire or need to have power over others.  We will honor ourselves, all life and the Earth.   We will open to living from a higher conscious awareness.  Our very presence will help to raise the energy level of others, and in the process help us heal the Earth and every human being.  And we will be on our way to World Peace.

This is the way life was meant to work.  This is why we are here on Earth.  Our true destiny is to
become fully aware of our inherent spirituality, to learn how to become co-creators with this incredible energy and to aid in the conscious evolution of ourselves and the Earth.
In this time of global crisis, there remains a great opportunity to a great change for the better.  And there is no doubt that the path to this end lies within each of us, in our solo selves.  As we accept our birthright of being individualized expressions of the Greatest Power on Earth, we master our fear, resolve inner conflicts and come to peace within ourselves.  Then one by one we’re birthing a new cultural paradigm on Earth, and ushering in lasting peace.

 Affirmation for World Peace

I consciously align my intention with the energy of Living Love.
                                    I visualize the energy rising from this sacred circle to                                        embrace Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.
The Earth is healed and its consciousness protected.
The evolution of all souls is harmoniously advanced.
Peace, Love and Cooperation now manifest on Earth.

  ♥ And So It Is!
Copyright© 2015 by Fern Stewart Welch

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